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            A “Fast Track Divorce” is what we call a Dissolution of Marriage, where the parties have the ability to reach full agreements with my assistance. As an experienced attorney,  I draft the necessary settlement agreement and court documents in a SWIFT, TIMELY AND COST EFFECTIVE MANNER. All for a FLAT FEE. Thousands of divorcing parties have benefited from this type of service.

            Here is an example of a recent meeting I had regarding a Fast Track Divorce case:

Attorney (“A”): Good morning, Mr. Jones, my name is Gordon Shayne. I am the Attorney and I understand that you want help with your divorce case.

Client: (“C”): Yes that's true. What kind of information do you need to know.

A: Do you believe that you have irreconcilable differences with your wife in your marriage and want to seek a quick divorce. Do you also understand that in Florida, divorce is NO-FAULT?

C: Yes.

A: Well fine. Let's get started with a few questions. Please tell me the date of your marriage, and how long you have resided in Nassau County, Florida.

C: My Wife and I were marriage in 2018 in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida and we both were born and have lived in Florida all of our lives. I am 35 and she is 34 years old.

A: Do you have children born or adopted of the marriage.

C: We do not have any children.

A: Is there a house or real property that you both own, and are both of you employed.

C: Yes, we own a house together that we bought right after our wedding and we both work, full-time.   

A: I understand from your phone call yesterday, that you and your wife have full agreements as to all property, each of you wants to waive any alimony and you both agreed as to how everything will be divided. Is that right.

C: Yes. We have all our agreements written out on the back of this envelope. We want to get our case started and find a way to have an uncontested divorce as soon as possible.

A: For folks like you and your wife, I offer professional services in divorce cases, called “Fast Track Divorce.” A Fast Track Divorce is where the parties have full agreements and I prepare the necessary settlement agreement in writing, along with the necessary court documents. I then hand those documents to you so you can file them with the clerk of court, and request an uncontested Final Hearing. The law states that you must wait 20 days from the date the case is filed before you can be eligible to have the Court enter the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. I perform these services for a Flat Fee, which saves both parties a lot of time and money, how does that sound.

C: That sounds terrific, lets get started!

In most cases, I can prepare all of your court documents and the settlement agreement in less than 48 hours from the date that I am hired. For more information as to Fast Track Divorces and to schedule a consultation, please call The Law Offices of Gordon Shayne. 904-544-6855.

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