Do Both Parties Need to Attend Mediation for a Family Law Case?

If I am involved in a Florida Family Law case, do we both need to attend Mediation?

The answer is "YES", both parties, in a Family Law case in Florida, are required to attend Mediation as a means of settling/agreeing to reasonable compromises when there are disputed issues. 

But, why?

Practically all of the Family Court Judges in the State of Florida will require Mediation prior to the Court conducting a Hearing on disputed issues to ensure that all plausible means have been attempted to settle disputed issues

1.  Judges and Lawyers who practice in the area of Parental Responsibilities, Time-Sharing, Child Support and Divorce cases, know that most of these cases can be resolved without the need for a Judge to hear their case.  An experienced attorney serving Fernandina Beach, Florida and the surrounding areas, who strives to promote positive outcomes for their Client, will have the skills required to help their Client see their way clear to reasonable agreements without the need for an expensive, time consuming Hearing. 

2.  When a Mediation date is agreed upon by both parties, they will both be expected to participate in the process of coming to mutual agreements in good faith.  The likelihood of success in reaching mutually acceptable agreements at Mediation is based on the mutual cooperation of the Parties with one common goal in mind; Resolution of their issues in a fair manner.

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