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"Alimony" (also known as "support") refers to the payment of support from one spouse to the other which may be in one of the following forms:

  1. Bridge the gap;
  2. Rehabilitative
  3. Durational
  4. Permanent

The court will decide the issue of Alimony by determining whether a party has a NEED for alimony and whether. a party has the ABILITY TO PAY alimony. The law sets out relevant factors that a court must consider in granting a request for alimony or denying such a request. It is always important to understand that a Court has full discretion in deciding this issue and that the Court is not required to grant Alimony merely because a party has requested Alimony.

I have represented many clients who have sought support from their former spouse. It is not unusual for a Court to consider the length of a marriage and the party's concerns when making a ruling as to Alimony. A short-term marriage of just a few years usually does not result in any Alimony. However long-term marriages where one party has been the breadwinner and the other party has earned little to no income, usually results in the entity of a support obligation. Since the issue of Alimony is of such great importance, it is critical to get proper legal advice in advance of Mediation or a Court hearing.

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