Documents Needed for Divorce Mediation

Documents needed if you will be attending a Divorce Mediation with your Attorney

If so, your attorney will prepare all needed documents for Mediation.  In addition, your attorney should set aside preparation time prior to the Mediation date to be certain that the time spent with the Mediator is time well spent.  Be sure to have your list of what it is you want vs. what it is your will negotiate.  Remember, a Mediation is the time to wrap your head around 'settling' your case so that you do not find yourself in the position of needing to go to an expensive contested hearing in front of the judge.

Documents needed if you will be attending a Divorce Mediation on your Own/Pro Se

If so, you will want to spend a good deal of time preparing.  Be sure to have all of your important documents relevant to your case, such as:

  1. Any investments you owned prior to the date of marriage and the value of those investments at the time your got married.
  2. Any inheritance you received prior to the date of marriage, or received during the marriage and be sure to be able to show that the inheritance was not 'co-mingled' into marital accounts.
  3. Financial statements to support your positions in your case.
  4. Valuations of any business(es) acquired during the marriage.
  5. Bank account statements for all accounts.
  6. If you own a home, did you purchase it prior to the marriage?  If so, what was the value at the time of marriage?
  7. Statements showing debt.
  8. and more.....

As a pro se litigant or 'your on your own' without legal counsel, the idea of going to a Mediation without an attorney can be overwhelming!  Have you fully explored the benefits of securing legal counsel? Read more.....


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