The Benefits of Attending Mediation

What are the benefits of attending Mediation in Florida?

For many decades, Florida's judges have recognized the importance of Mediation in Divorce, Child Custody, Paternity and many other family law cases.  In fact, most courts require that the parties attend Mediation before they attend a contested hearing.  Mediation has a long-standing place in our judicial system which acknowledges the role parties can play in reaching agreements.

Gordon N. Shayne is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.  This means that he has met all of the requirements of Florida Law in satisfying the principles and practical ways that Family Law disputes can be successfully resolved.  While every case may not reach this goal, it should be encouraging to note that well over 90% of contested family law cases are settled before a trial.  There is no question that when a Mediator has many years of experience, the parties WILL benefit from the guidance and suggestions made during Mediation.

By attending a Family Law Mediation, the parties come prepared with their various proposals and positions.  The Mediation process is unique in allowing the parties to have a say in how they want solutions to their disputes.  On many occasions, Gordon has heard judges congratulate parties who have successfully reached agreements.  The judges often offer this because the parties have demonstrated their willingness to compromise and conduct themselves in a reasonable manner.  The power to have control during the Mediation process as opposed to transferring that power to the person wearing the robe, is what Mediation is all about. 

Florida Mediation Lawyer

Gordon N. Shayne has received formal training in Florida as a Mediator.  He draws on his many years of Family Law experience to bring to the Mediation sessions his vast and varied background and knowledge.  You can expect that Gordon N. Shayne will conduct Mediation in a fair and impartial manner, giving each participant the respect they deserve.  With over 40 years of courtroom experience, Gordon's skills as a lawyer give him the tools you can rely upon.

The benefits of attending Mediation for the individuals involved include:

  1. Non-adversarial and non-confrontational exchanges
  2. Maintaining control and making the final decisions
  3. Privacy and confidentiality vs. the open to the public courtroom setting
  4. Less out-of-pocket expenses vs. costly courtroom hearings
  5. Quicker results which equals a faster process to finish
  6. Creation of opportunities to address future needs or changes
  7. Informal and more relaxed environment
  8. A Collaborative approach to problem solving
  9. Addressing each Party's needs, goals and specific objectives
  10. Receiving invaluable suggestions/solutions from the experienced attorney
  11. Having the experienced lawyer prepare the Mediated Agreement as part of the process
  12. Far less conflict.  By negotiating in 'good faith' during Mediation, there is a high degree of conflict resolution which creates an environment that is 'settlement friendly'.  Mediation is a great way to maximize settlement opportunities.
  13. Reduced tension and stress which are typical during a family law dispute
  14. Allowing the Parties to maintain the control over the outcomes now and for the future.


With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Shayne has had a legal career fighting for the rights of his clients while focusing his practice exclusively on Divorce, Child Custody and other Family Law Matters. Our services are available throughout the State of Florida.

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