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Family law, which combines legal and emotional complexities, is unlike many practice areas. It's tumultuous, with several non-legal factors which can sway a case. What you need is composed legal representation that will remain steadfast throughout the process.

40+ Years Practicing Family and Divorce Law

Attorney Gordon Shayne is a licensed Florida State divorce lawyer (he is also licensed to practice family law in the state of Florida) and is a member of the Florida Bar Association, Florida Bar Association Family Law Section, El Paso County Bar Association, American Bar Association, Family Law Association, and the Florida Bar Association. With over four decades of experience as a family law attorney, he provides the quality of services and legal advice a person facing a divorce case would need.

Indisputable Courtroom and Mediation Experience

Attorney Shayne's vast experience as a divorce attorney, both in and out of Florida courtrooms, has allowed him to represent clients in military divorce cases, mediations, order disputes, parental and grandparents visitation rights, custody hearings, adoption, spousal maintenance, personal and real property disputes, domestic violence, and other situations that fall under the umbrella of family law.

Attorney Shayne is known in Florida for his steadfast defense and assertion of his clients' marital and parental rights. He has been involved in various types of cases, from amicable separations to high-conflict courtroom litigations.

  • Mediation: Gordon N. Sayne helps divorcing couples find common ground during the proceedings so they may begin living independently as quickly as possible.
  • Litigation: For clients who want to take their divorce case to court, Attorney Shayne targets the best possible outcome for their situation.

The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne has seen hundreds of divorce cases through, from filing the case to hearing the ruling. You can be the next one to find closure in this chapter of your life.

Unshakeable Under Pressure

Attorney Shayne's 40+ years of experience gives clients a significant advantage. He has witnessed and navigated so many courtroom scenarios, with each experience adding to his competence in managing disputes at every level.

His varied legal experience in several areas of Florida family law and hands-on management can provide a calm presence in this distressing, confusing time in your life. Attorney Shayne provides experienced legal assistance for any family law dispute.

But more than his experience is his ability to understand the complexities of your situation which will make all the difference to you as a client— as an individual.

Client-Focused Law Services

Family law attorneys in Florida know it is not easy going through a divorce, custody battle, or domestic abuse. Complications are bound to arise when it comes to family disputes. Either party may feel slighted and react in a hostile manner. Attorney Shayne and the rest of the team work together to ensure that clients are getting the support they need during the divorce process.

Approachable Staff and Divorce Attorney

The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne believes in helping you through this distressing time, rather than fostering acrimony. This way, you don't lose sight of what truly matters. We manage the process and guide you through every step so you're able to make informed, safe and reasonable decisions.

Reliable Lines of Communication

Our firm understands that your family law concerns exist outside office hours, so we make ourselves accessible, 24/7. We are ready to dispense advice on handling your case, should crises arise. On top of that, we update you on the progress of your case, as well as the legal options available to you.

Strong Legal Strategies

We have attended countless settlement conferences, mediations, and hearings. Our lawyer has attended many divorce proceedings and negotiations in the state. This wealth of experience gives us an edge in the practice of family law in Fernandina Beach, Florida, which we channel vigorously into every case we handle. Additionally, Attorney Shayne is always up-to-date on any amendments to Florida's existing family and divorce laws.

Expect constant communication, dignified negotiations, and well-founded legal advice. Get in touch with the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne today.

Divorce is an unfortunate conclusion for marriages, even though these separations are often for the best for all parties involved. Still, the fact remains that divorce is a sensitive, uniquely personal and trying experience for any separating spouse. However, know that you do not have to go through this season alone. The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne is here to provide our more than four decades of family law experience to help you through your divorce.

Regardless of whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, Gordon N. Shayne is a divorce attorney in Fernandina Beach, Florida who will advocate on your behalf to reach an equitable, fair resolution to your marital dissolution. Whenever possible, an understanding and fair legal approach will be taken to produce a fair outcome for all parties.

However, in some divorces, aggressive advocacy is necessary to ensure that your marital contributions are fairly valued in a contested divorce proceeding. Gordon N. Shayne is a Florida divorce lawyer who uses the legal means necessary to ensure that your legal rights are protected at all times, providing you with a legal ally during the difficulties of a Florida divorce.

Florida Divorce Lawyer

If you are ready to go through with a divorce in Florida, The Law Offices of Gordon N. Shayne are ready to help you move on with your life. Gordon N. Shayne, a Florida State divorce attorney with 40+ years of experience, has built a reputation for helping spouses and Florida families reach resolutions in difficult divorce and custody disputes.

If children are involved in the divorce, The Law Offices of Gordon N. Shayne provides caring, compassionate legal representation that helps families avoid high-tension and conflict-heavy divorce disputes that can lead to harmful memories and emotional wounds for impressionable children. An accomplished divorce and child custody lawyer alike, he puts his extensive experience to work for your divorce in order to reach an agreement that is in your best interests and the best interests of your children.

For more information about how Gordon N. Shayne can help you speed up the divorce process and reach an effective resolution, contact us online or call Gordon N. Shayne at (904)-544-6855 for a free* consultation today.

*for those individuals interested in retaining legal counsel and who have the financial means to hire an attorney.


With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Shayne has had a legal career fighting for the rights of his clients while focusing his practice exclusively on Divorce, Child Custody and other Family Law Matters. Our services are available throughout the State of Florida.

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