What Should I Know About a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring Them?

It’s very important when I get this question, “What should I ask a lawyer about when I’m considering hiring that lawyer to represent me?” That you feel comfortable with this attorney on a one-to-one basis. It’s my personal philosophy that when you hire the Shayne law firm that we are all-in in representing you. We got your back. That we are going to do everything we can to not only advise you of your rights, but to protect you to the fullest extent that we can when we consult with you on a regular basis.

The kinds of questions that you should ask your lawyer is how many cases have they tried? How many cases have they settled? What is their philosophy about going to trial?What is their philosophy about settling cases? Are you going to try my case because you want to try it or are you going to try my case because you’ve consulted with me and we have no other option? Most cases, philosophically, should result in a very determined effort between your lawyer and the other lawyer or the other party in exhausting all settlement options. The reason for that is because divorce law is a very expensive and time consuming area of the law and we respect the money that you’ve paid us to represent you and we respect your input in making these critical decisions regarding your case. Your lawyer should not be the one that should be directing you. You should be directing your lawyer.
One of the most critical questions you should ask whenever you are considering hiring an attorney is, “How are you going to keep me in the loop? How are you going tocommunicate with me?” In our office, just because the clock says it’s 5:00 on Friday orTuesday or whatever day of the week, that doesn’t mean that we’re not available tohelp you. We have 24/7 telephone and email service, so all of our clients can reach usand all of our clients, even potential clients, people that want to hire an attorney, canreach us and discuss important issues concerning their case after hours. We’re here for
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