A Child Removed/ Taken Cross State Lines

I want to talk to you a little bit about what you should do when you have child custody orders from another state, and let’s say that the parent who has visitation is here in Colorado, and the other parent is not returning the child. What do I do then?

You’ll find that the police here in Colorado are not going to act on another court order from another state, unless a Colorado judge has authorized the police to do something. So, we’ve been very successful in getting children back to their lawful custodial parent when this happens. And the process involves registering a foreign decree, that’s what it’s called, from another state into Colorado, so that a Colorado judge can take what they call judicial notice of the child custody orders, and enter orders for the police to assist you in getting the child back.

So, it’s a two step process. Step one is to register the foreign decree from the other state, and two, to seek the Colorado court’s ruling that would allow to us law enforcement in the state to help you get the child back.