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If you relied on your spouse’s income to maintain your household or a certain standard of living before your divorce, Gordon N. Shayne can help you determine if you are eligible to receive spousal maintenance. Drawing upon 34 years of legal knowledge and experience, Mr. Shayne provides the strategic legal guidance you need during complex negotiations.

Why You Need an Attorney for Alimony

Effective January 1, 2014, the applicable laws governing spousal maintenance, also known as “alimony,” have changed in many significant ways. The new laws dictate that spousal maintenance requires an examination of the gross income of both parties. Because this is determined using a complicated calculation, the court may require financial documentation, including:

  • Paystubs or proof of wage earnings for the preceding 90 days
  • State and Federal tax returns for the preceding three years
  • 90 days of banking records and statements from all accounts
  • Mortgage, loan, credit card and other debt statements
  • Proof or valuations of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc.
  • Retirement, IRA, Mutual Fund, 401(k), pension, benefit plans, etc.
  • Any other evidence of combined gross income

Colorado Springs Spousal Maintenance

H.B. 13-1058 states, “Colorado courts will determine spousal maintenance awards using evidence of both parties’ income, the amount and term of maintenance does not create a presumption of a spousal maintenance award. The courts maintain the discretion to make the ultimate determination.” This is why it is imperative to hire an attorney who has extensive experience with Colorado spousal maintenance cases because of the long term financial considerations.

Gordon N. Shayne is a skillful divorce lawyer who can guide you through the new guidelines to determine spousal maintenance in Colorado. With a robust knowledge of Colorado legal precedents for alimony, he provides every client with a comprehensive understanding of their case and the potential for success. He will aggressively advocate for your rights and fight for your case.

Post-Decree Modifications for Spousal Support

Effective in 2014, new spousal maintenance guidelines have specific restrictions on the duration and termination of spousal maintenance. Gordon N. Shayne has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the new amendments to spousal maintenance modifications to handle your post decree matter with efficiency.

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Gordon N. Shayne is a proficient divorce lawyer the Colorado Springs area who can help you gather the necessary paperwork to support your spousal support claim. He will help you navigate the complex legal system to ensure you have the financial support you need to be set up for independence after your Colorado divorce. Contact us today for a free* consultation.

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