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Raising a child is expensive and usually requires the financial support of both parents. However, after a divorce, separation, or any other type of estrangement, many parents are left without the additional support they need to feed, clothe, and support their children to the fullest extent. If you are a parent, it is important to know what your rights or obligations may be in regards to child support.  Gordon N. Shayne is a proficient child support attorney in Colorado Springs that provides the aggressive representation you need to pursue your legal goals.

Determining Child Support Amounts

Once a legally binding child custody agreement or parenting plan is in place, child support may be determined. In Colorado, this type of support is not determined by a judge unless the parties go to court for a disputed hearing. In most circumstances the guidelines are not subject to debate because they are calculated based upon the strict requirements of the law, found in CRS 14.10.115.:

  • Adjusted gross income of both parents (or potential income if a parent is unemployed)
  • Child care costs
  • Child’s standard of living
  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • Child’s age
  • Physical custody and overnights for both parents
  • Other factors as set out in the law

When parties agree to a child support amount or a court enters a child support order, that Colorado law allows for an Income Wage Assignment so that the Child Support can come directly out of the obligor’s paycheck, each and every month. There is also a Family Support Registry to protect the rights of child support payers, giving them full documentation of completed child support payments to avoid any future disputes over payments.

As your attorney, Gordon N. Shayne can provide you with the proper advice when it comes to the methods approved by the Colorado courts for securing payment of court ordered child support.

Mr. Shayne uses the latest child support software to ensure that you have an accurate estimate of legal child support obligations. Whether you are negotiating payments in or out of court, he has the hands-on experience necessary to effectively protect your best interests and advocate for your child support goals.

Child Support Modifications

Child support is a legal obligation of regular financial support to benefit your children. In most cases, it will continue until the child is 19 years of age or upon emancipation. However, there might come a time when it is necessary to reexamine an existing child support agreement to determine if the support provided is still appropriate. A reexamination might be necessary due to:

  • Changes in financial situation
  • Losing or gaining employment
  • Changes in custody and
  • Visitation

Usually, child support can be modified only if the change in income is greater than 10%. However, current legislation states that child-support obligations for low-income individuals must be adjusted to current economic realities. Gordon N. Shayne can help you maintain or modify any existing agreement, whether if you are seeking child support or if you are required to pay child support.

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