Over 34 Years of Experience and Excellence You Can Count on for Mothers & Fathers


Over 34 Years of Experience and Excellence You Can Count on for Mothers & Fathers


Over 34 Years of Experience and Excellence You Can Count on for Mothers & Fathers


Over 34 Years of Experience and Excellence You Can Count on for Mothers & Fathers

Family Lawyer in Colorado Springs | The Law Offices of Gordon N. Shayne

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34 Years of Professional Experience

The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne has been protecting families through disruptive times for more than 34 years, helping clients with the different aspects of Colorado’s family law.

Specializes in Domestic and Family Law

With an exclusive focus on Colorado domestic and family law, The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne handles cases ranging from divorce, mediation, and child custody, to military divorces and other related issues.

We Offer Discounts for Active and Retired Military

Active and retired US military members and their dependents get special discounts from The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne. The firm’s familiarity with military divorces ensures the process will be less stressful than it should be.

The Law Offices of Gordon N. Shayne, Attorneys & Lawyers  Divorce, Colorado Springs, CO


Your life and family have been turned upside down. Whether a civilian or military, you don’t know your options. How do you sort through the misinformation and half-truths surrounding family law? Every counsel you have sought has only left you feeling like the world is going to end.

You want a leader who will help you navigate through the confusion surrounding family law – someone who you can give your information to and they will manage the process. You want to get the guidance to end up with your desired outcome while ensuring that you don’t end up a victim of poor legal advice.

You want to spend less time in court so that you can prevent as much financial and emotional burden as possible.

You want someone who can help sort through the misinformation from friends, family, TV and the internet

You want someone who can respond to your questions and concerns 24/7, not just during business hours.

You want a family law attorney in Colorado Springs, CO who intimately understands parental rights, marital assets, and modifications and can help guide you on what is and isn’t possible.

You want a lawyer experienced in dealing with military law and the aspects that carry over into the civilian family courts.

You want clarity and guidance when you speak to your lawyer, and not feel like the world is going to end when you hang up the phone.

Gordon N. Shayne

The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne gives you the confidence to know that you’ve utilized every aspect of the legal system, providing you with the best possible path for you and your children.

  • Your phone calls and e-mails are answered 24/7, because your family concerns exist both inside and outside of business hours.
  • Gordon Shayne leads by experience and familiarity of the law and local courts, and doesn’t rely on aggressiveness, gimmicks, or other tricks to get you the right results.
  • Gordon Shayne has established a network of professionals including accounting, mental health, and child custody evaluators to serve needs outside of the standard legal field.
  • As a committed family law attorney in Colorado Springs, Gordon Shayne will provide leadership for your family and help you understand how to achieve your goals within the confines of the law.
  • If you are overseas, you want someone who is dependable when your family is out of the country or back home at the base.

Gordon Shayne is the family lawyer in Colorado Springs that will provide you with exceptional service and legal representation at the time when you need it most. Join the long list of happy clients who Gordon Shayne has represented over the last 30 years, and that still rely on him for their family law needs.

What Others Say About Us

The Law offices of Gordon N. Shayne were a light during a dark time. Divorce is not an easy process and luckily I didn’t have to go through it alone. Gordon and his team were there to answer questions and guide me through the process when the process became difficult. Since I had no clue of the process Gordon and his team prepared me with the knowledge needed for any situation. I would like to give a special thank you to Gordon’s paralegal Gail. Gail was exceptional throughout the entire process and was compassionate ear to specific situations. The divorce is over and I get to keep my kids in my life. I am happier then I could have ever imagined. Thank you Gordon and team for your help.

Gracious Client

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The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne is devoted to helping clients with all aspects of Colorado’s family law. Clients can relax knowing the firm is dedicated to seeing their case through. Whether it is divorce, custody battles, or other issues involving domestic relations and family law, the firm can provide the best legal services possible.

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Why Choose Attorney Gordon Shayne

Gordon N. Shayne takes great pride in his many years of experience. The firm has handled all types of cases involving family law, both high-conflict and low-conflict issues. Clients can expect to get the best legal assistance no matter the family law dispute, as Mr. Shayne uses a hands-on approach in handling cases.

Our Commitments To You

Mr. Shayne and his firm have been helping thousands of individuals and families through disruptive times for more than 34 years. They assist clients throughout Colorado’s county divorce courts, making sure clients get the right advice and support needed to make informed decisions. Any concerns and opinions of clients will be received in a highly confidential manner, making sure clients are treated with the utmost dignity and respect they deserve.

The goal of Mr. Shayne and the firm is to assist clients through the difficult time of having to face a family law issue. Clients who want to take the first step to making their family law issue a lot less stressful are encouraged to get in touch with the firm today.

  • The firm is available 24/7 to answer any queries, concerns, or questions about Colorado’s divorce laws. From parental rights and interests, to mediation and child custody, The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne can provide the right legal assistance.

  • Gordon N. Shayne is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Bar Association Family Law Section, American Bar Association, El Paso County Bar Association, the Florida Bar Association, and the Federal Trial Bar, among other professional legal organizations.

  • Clients who work with Mr. Shayne can expect to get clear guidance regarding any aspect of Colorado’s family laws. The firm makes it a point to have open and honest communication with clients.

  • The firm offers a free initial consultation. Clients need only to call and have their appointments scheduled promptly.

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