Is Mediation Better

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When you are considering divorce, child custody or making changes to previous court orders, you may want to seriously consider hiring a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.  Who better to assist you and the other party in coming to agreements, exploring your options for remedies and certainly saving you tens of thousands of dollars.  Gordon Shayne is the professional to hire when considering all of the benefits of using a Private Mediator

The costs involved, for example, in getting a divorce could be very high not only in terms of monetary costs but also in terms of emotional and psychological perspectives. Legal disputes often involve a great deal of personal time, time away from work and family, and could certainly impact your stability. Mediation is a good option! 

In a world where we are all so very busy with family, jobs, etc. who really has the time needed waiting for court dates?  Mediation is an amazing alternative as is does not involve going to court.  Your fears and apprehensions can be put to rest.  Just imagine being able to come to agreeable resolutions without involving arguments between attorneys, without going to court, without spending tens of thousands of dollars, without losing time away from work, without the fight.  Sure, disagreements happen while in Mediation, however, they can be successfully remedied when using an indepenent third party, the Mediator who will actually listen to both parties' concerns.  Although a private Mediator is not allowed to offer advice to either party, the Mediator can offer agreeable solutions to the issues at hand.

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