Why Does Gordon N. Shayne’s Experience Count?

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Experience CountsWhen it comes to Family Law legal representation; divorce, legal separation, annulment, child custody, and many post decree modifications, there are a number of unforeseen and unexpected factors that can affect the outcome of a case. While the personal nature of the disputes is a contributing factor, it is primarily the unique details of every case and the legal complexities involved that can cause divorces, custody, and other family law matters to become lengthy, exhausting, and overwhelming. This is why it is essential to have the help of an experienced family law attorney.

When you need to find a family lawyer, trust Gordon N. Shayne to aggressively protect your rights and fight for your interests. Mr. Shayne is a proficient attorney that uses over 34 years of hard experience to ensure that you not only have the guidance you need to pursue your legal goals right now, but that your legal strategy is also invested in your long-term interests.

How Gordon N. Shayne’s Experience Counts

Legal matters such as divorce and child custody can be extremely contentious. Even so, too many individuals do not take advantage of the benefits of legal representation while navigating these difficult situations. When you hire Gordon N. Shayne as your legal counsel, you will benefit from his many years of experience in numerous ways:

Personalized legal services:

Drawing upon his proficiency as an attorney, Gordon N. Shayne will give your case detailed attention to make sure your legal goals are being pursued in the most effective way possible. Mr. Shayne meets with all of his clients personally and makes it a point to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in your case. He strategizes with his clients so that their legal goals are maximized.

Knowledge of the stakes of your case:

As an attorney, Gordon N. Shayne has devoted many years to domestic and family law. He continues his education and regularly advances his knowledge in these areas. He has hands-on experience in thousands of high­- and low-conflict situations as well as in courtroom hearings and mediation sessions. With vast knowledge, he can accurately assess your case and create legal strategies to help you protect your interests.

Knowledge of the legal process and potential judicial outcomes:

Gordon N. Shayne has developed strong relationships with the people who will matter in your case, including psychologists, expert witnesses and other professionals. His understanding of the process and how these professionals will be involved and utilized to assist clients in reaching their goals.

Communicating your commitment to success:

Gordon N. Shayne is a known and respected member of the legal community in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. When you choose Gordon N. Shayne, the individuals involved in your case will know that you are trusting a lawyer who is personally invested in and dedicated to fighting for you in your family law case – whether it is in the courtroom, a settlement conference or at mediation.

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