Domestic Abuse and Divorce in Colorado Springs, CO

Family Law Solutions for Situations Involving Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious and complicated legal matter. If domestic abuse has prompted your divorce or is a contributing factor to your custody case, trust Gordon N. Shayne as your family law attorney.  With over 34 years of experience, Mr. Shayne is dedicated to aggressively protecting your rights and best interests if domestic violence is a factor in your family law dispute.

What You Should Know About Colorado Domestic Abuse Laws

The term domestic abuse is defined under Colorado Revised Statutes Section 13-14-101 (2) as follows:

“Any act or threatened act of violence that is committed by any person against another person to whom the actor is currently or was formerly related, or with whom the actor is living or has lived in the same domicile, or with whom the actor is involved or has been involved in an intimate relationship. ‘Domestic Abuse’ may also include any act or threatened act of violence against the minor children of either of the parties.”

As of 2014, CRS 13-14-102 cites that the legal definition of domestic abuse “also includes…financial control, document control, property control, and other types of control that make a victim more likely to return to an abuser due to fear of retaliation or inability to meet basic needs.”

In a situation of domestic abuse, it may be necessary to obtain a restraining order for your protection. Civil protection orders can be filed by absolutely anyone who is in danger of domestic abuse. Colorado domestic abuse laws have recently revised the definition of contact, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and stalking in order to provide every victim comprehensive protection from offenders. While an attorney can help you understand your rights under Colorado domestic abuse laws, you will need to obtain a protection order yourself.

If you need an immediate restraining order, you must contact the local police at 911, or you may contact TESSA (719-633-3819), a confidential, no-cost organization that provides assistance to both men and women who are involved in a domestic abuse situation. The protection order is good for a maximum of 120 days, but can be extended after that.

How Domestic Abuse Affects Divorce

During a divorce or child custody case, domestic abuse is relevant and, based on the facts, may be considered in the court’s determinations. If you wish to seek a divorce or child custody after surviving a situation of abuse, Gordon N. Shayne has the knowledge and proficiency to pursue your legal goals. Mr. Shayne can build a strong case on your behalf by effectively identifying and communicating any type of domestic abuse to the judge, including:

  • Physical or emotional/mental abuse
  • Patterns of manipulation and control, including financial control
  • A history of alcohol, drug or controlled substance abuse
  • Sexual abuse or control
  • Anger disorders
  • Other forms of abusive behaviors

Skillful legal representation during this process is essential to ensure that you and your children will be protected to the fullest extent allowed under Colorado domestic abuse laws. Because the best interests of children are affected when domestic abuse is present, the family court will seriously consider any threats to the children’s safety by an abusive parent.

Protect Your Family With Long-Term Legal Solutions

Colorado family law attorney Gordon N. Shayne will help you understand how to protect yourself during this difficult time. Committed to protecting your rights and safety, he is your tireless advocate both in and outside of court. Contact him today for a free* confidential consultation.


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