Uncontested Divorce Law in Colorado Springs, CO

While divorce may entail time in court, most divorce cases can be settled out of court with amicable resolutions. This is known as an uncontested divorce and has multiple advantages. It can reduce emotional hardships, lower the cost of the divorce process, and positively resolve divorce-related stress and negativity in an efficient manner. A skilled litigator, Gordon N. Shayne pursues your legal goals and aggressively protects your best interests throughout the mediation and arbitration process. He is a highly qualified attorney and will handle your uncontested divorce with skill.

Why You Need an Uncontested Divorce Attorney

In an uncontested divorce, at least one party must file the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and a Summons. Then, both parties must wait at least 92 days before finalizing their divorce. During the 92 day period, parties can discuss the division of assets, child custody and spousal support with the help of their lawyers. Uncontested divorces usually come to an agreement within this time and are usually finalized shortly after the 90 day waiting period.  It is important to remember, marital agreements in a divorce can only be made after full financial disclosures have been made by both parties.

While the process itself is simple, there are many extenuating circumstances to reconcile to ensure that the uncontested divorce process goes as smoothly as possible. Gordon N. Shayne provides proficient legal guidance with a multitude of issues related to the uncontested divorce, including:

Uncontested Divorce Law Involving Property: If the couple owns property, an agreement must be reached to divide the asset(s) and determine spousal maintenance. As of January 1, 2014, spousal maintenance guidelines have changed to account for the gross income of both parties – potentially affecting the outcome of your case. If you are seeking spousal maintenance, it is important to seek the immediate help of a divorce attorney. Gordon N. Shayne has extensive experience providing exceptional legal guidance throughout the division of the assets and spousal maintenance processes in Colorado. With careful and undivided attention, he handles all divorce decrees with personalized attention.

Uncontested Divorce Law involving Children: Child custody decisions determine the amount of contact you will be able to have with your child, where your child will live and how much, if any, support you will receive from your spouse for your child. Even in an uncontested divorce, all agreements will be presented before a judge who will make sure that it in the best interest of the child.As of 2014, parenting time evaluations will be discretionary in custody determinations. Without expert testimony supporting your parenting skills, it is more important than ever to have an experienced attorney by your side. Gordon N. Shayne can effectively communicate the significance of your relationship with your child to the judge and aggressively protects your parental rights.

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