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In order to avoid a lengthy and costly legal process, extremely qualified lawyers often recommend a full exploration of a potential out-of-court settlement. Parties may be able to resolve their disputes in mediation. While mediation can be extremely beneficial for divorcing parties, one should never attend a mediation without the presence of a skilled attorney. Gordon N. Shayne is a proficient family law attorney who can aggressively advocate for your needs throughout your divorce mediation proceedings. With over 34 years of dedicated service as a skilled lawyer, Mr. Shayne has the experience necessary to provide dedicated attention, an informed legal strategy, and help you pursue a satisfying judicial outcome.

What You Need to Know About Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation encourages parties to resolve a dispute outside of court through confidential discussion and negotiation facilitated by a neutral third-party. A divorce mediator must have completed a training program recognized by the State of Colorado. Parties can choose the mediator themselves or request one from the Office of Dispute Resolution. Selection of a divorce mediator must be agreed upon and all costs of the mediator will be shared between parties.

Parties who successfully mediate an agreement without having to appear in front of a judge benefit because they will have a say in the ultimate outcome as opposed to having a judge dictate that outcome. Also, when parties attend mediation and reach an agreement, their agreements can be reduced to writing at that time and become binding with the signatures of both parties and approval from the judge.

What You Need to Know About Arbitration

Colorado Springs Divorce Mediation Attorney

Arbitration is a process whereby the parties mutually agree in writing to select a neutral third party who is given powers that a judge would ordinarily possess, to enter orders the same as a judge. Colorado law strictly limits the kinds of matters that may be appealed in an arbiter’s award. Arbitration usually is conducted by the same person who has mediated the case, so that the parties can save time and money in this process. Arbitration is a civilized way to avoid the extraordinary expenditures involved in litigating a case before a judge on one or more occasions. There are many factors which lend itself to the wise selection of the Mediation/Arbitration process in lieu of going to court and having a judge hear the case. Among the many reasons that seasoned Family Lawyers recommend Arbitration is that the rules of evidence are relaxed, and the parties can speak freely in a separate room from the other party about their greatest concerns and feelings, which in most cases means that sharing these feelings will not subject them to a public trial and cross examination. The American Bar Association Family Law Section and a large segment of leading divorce lawyers endorse the Arbitration process, as a worthwhile and cost cutting method to keep these cases out of the courthouse. For these reasons, it is always wise to discuss the Arbitration process with a extremely qualified and experienced Family Law Attorney, beforehand.

When to Seek Divorce Mediation Services

While the goal of mediation is to reach a resolution, divorcing parties must always be aware of what they stand to lose. Too many divorcing couples will sacrifice their right to property, assets, and even child visitation in favor of getting the divorce “over with.”  The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne can guide you through the process of divorce mediation services in Colorado. A required step in Colorado, divorce mediation services are mandated by the court to facilitate amicable resolutions for divorcing parties. Mr. Shayne provides extensive preparation and planning to help you protect your personal and parental rights throughout this process. Gordon N. Shayne uses his extensive experience as an attorney to:

Outline demands and expectations

Child custody, spousal support, etc.:

Gordon N. Shayne will advocate for your needs and best interests with aggressive skill and determination. Whether your divorce is contentious or amicable, Gordon N. Shayne makes absolutely sure that your long-term interests are being represented.

Outlining the principles of a civil discussion

Listening, calm demeanor, etc.:

In order to protect your interests in the divorce case, it is important to stay calm and collected. This is not always easy, especially if it is a bitter or contested divorce. In this situation, Mr. Shayne can effectively communicate your goals on your behalf.

Researching the divorce mediator

Background, qualifications, etc.:

Mr. Shayne works with extremely qualified mediators and arbiters who have a past history of being able to negotiate and reach agreements in even the most complicated of cases. By prioritizing your needs, Gordon N. Shayne develops a strategy/plan of attack and demands before you get to the mediation table in order to help you achieve your legal goals.

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