Contested Divorce Litigation in Colorado Springs, CO

Why You Need a Skillful Attorney

Parties who cannot reach a mutual agreement regarding the division of debts and property, child custody, spousal support and other issues, will turn over their fate to a judge who will have little patience for the parties’ lack of effort in reaching contested divorceagreements. This situation is known as a contested divorce. When a judge is required to determine the outcome of a divorce, it means that parties lose time from work, pay expensive lawyer fees to prepare for and attend court hearings, and in many cases, will be unable to appeal or override the decisions made by a judge when they disagree with the final outcome. Contested hearings are almost always stressful, expensive and time consuming. For these reasons, many family lawyers recommend that their clients participate in the mediation/arbitration process and avoid the courthouse and the judge entirely.

A contested divorce hearing should always be the last resort in determining an outcome. However, if a contested divorce is necessary, it is imperative to have a skillful Colorado divorce lawyer by your side. Gordon N. Shayne knows the specific rulings and final orders possible in a contested divorce and can effectively advocate for your best interests in front of a judge.

Entering a Contested Divorce Litigation

Both contested and uncontested divorces go through the same initial processes. A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Summons are filled out to begin the divorce. The person you are divorcing from, or the “Respondent,” must respond to the petition within 30 days. After responding, both parties attend an Initial Status Conference where parties can discuss pertinent aspects of the case, appoint child and family investigators (if necessary), and set deadlines to keep divorce proceedings moving smoothly. At the Initial Status Conference, the court will also schedule a settlement conference in which parties can resolve temporary issues.

All divorcing parties have 90 days to decide if they can resolve their issues without judicial intervention. If they cannot resolve their issue in mediation, the divorce becomes contested and aspects of the case will be resolved in court hearings. Gordon N. Shayne effectively communicates your legal goals and represents your best interests in court. With over 33 years of legal experience, he provides legal guidance in for a full range of contested divorce scenarios:

Custody and Contested Divorce: If there are children involved in the divorce, it is even more important to seek a proficient attorney. Because Colorado child custody cases no longer require they were never required parental evaluations and the testimony of professional witnesses, it is imperative to have an attorney to effectively communicate your custody goals. Gordon N. Shayne is committed to aggressively protecting your parental rights and fighting for the custody agreement you desire.

Contested Military Divorces: While military divorces must go through the same divorce processes as civilian marriages, there are specific procedures concerning custody and spousal maintenance. JAG lawyers usually do not possess a license to practice law in Colorado or have the kind of trial experience that is necessary to understand the specific Domestic Relations laws or how those laws interact with active duty service members or even, military retirees.  Gordon N. Shayne provides professional guidance through these procedures and can help you with post-decree custody modifications if you are being deployed. He also offers discounts to service members.

Divorces for Colorado Civil Unions: The state of Colorado recognizes civil unions as having the same protections as marriage under the law. This means that couples bound together by civil unions have the same rights and must follow the same divorce procedures. An experienced litigator, Gordon N. Shayne provides effective legal guidance for individuals seeking to dissolve their civil union.

The Value of an Skillful Divorce Lawyer

There are serious and long term consequences of anyone who goes through a divorce. Without obtaining the proper advice from an extremely qualified divorce lawyer, fundamental mistakes that are made by unrepresented parties may last a lifetime.

Gordon N. Shayne has worked on behalf of his family law clients in Colorado Springs for many years. He has tirelessly fought to protect their rights and interests in each case. He maintains a thorough understanding of the judicial system and how each case will be evaluated. Contact Gordon N. Shayne today for a free* consultation.


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