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Are you looking to dissolve your common law marriage, but are unsure of whether you are in a common law marriage or what the process entails? Gordon N. Shayne can help.

Gordon N. Shayne is a proficient family law attorney who draws from over 34 years of legal practice to help you navigate your common law marriage dispute. He provides the aggressive advocacy you need to protect your common law marriage rights and can help you achieve your legal goals.

Why You Need a Common Law Marriage Attorney

While common law couples may forgo the traditional marriage ceremonies and a marriage license in Colorado, they are still required to follow the Colorado state legal procedures for divorce, custody, and other family law matters. If you wish to initiate these proceedings, a skillful Colorado Springs attorney can help you determine if your domestic situations meets the criteria for common law marriage. Some of the factors of a common law marriage include:

  • The parties have told others that they are living together as husband and wife
  • The parties have children together and have made joint decisions for the benefit of the children
  • The parties have lived together or have cohabitated together for an extended period of time
  • The parties have filed joint federal and state tax returns
  • The parties have opened one or more bank accounts, credit cards, etc.
  • The parties have funded IRAs or other retirement accounts together
  • The parties have shared in paying joint marital expenses
  • The parties have purchased property (house, land, etc.) together and titled the property in both of their names

When a common law marriage has been recognized by the court, the couple is entitled to enjoy all of the same rights and benefits as those who had a government-sanctioned marriage. These benefits might include joint health insurance, veteran’s assistance and rights of inheritance. Gordon N. Shayne understands what you stand to lose. With a thorough knowledge of common law marriage case law and procedures, he provides the proficient legal advice you need to protect your right to shared property, assets, and other financial resources.

Common Law Marriage and Divorce

Common law marriage divorce proceedings mimic the dissolution of a government-recognized union and can result in a division of assets and a child custody agreement, should children be involved. And while some divorce proceedings may be amicable, custody and divorce proceedings can become bitter and unpleasant. Gordon N. Shayne is prepared to fight aggressively for his clients’ custody and common law marriage rights, no matter how contentious a legal dispute may be. Armed with many years of experience, Mr. Shayne creates a custom legal strategy for every client to facilitate a satisfying resolution for their case.

Obtain Common Law Divorce from Gordon N. Shayne

Most of the criteria that a court will use to prove common law marriage is based on the mutual agreement of the couple to be married and the presentation of their relationship to their friends, relatives and other acquaintances as married. If you need assistance proving to the court that you are married or with the dissolution of your common law marriage, family law attorney Gordon N. Shayne has the skilled knowledge and proficiency to help. Contact him today for a free* consultation.


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