Legal Adoption of Children for Step Parents in Colorado

While there are a various types of adoption cases, it is most common for a step parent to seek legal guidance in order adopt the children of their spouse. In order for the adoption to be legal, it must meet the strict requirements of Colorado law, including a verification that the adopting parent is in line with CRS Section 12-10-124, which stipulates that parenting decisions must always be in the best interests of the child.

Navigating step parent adoption in Colorado can be an extremely complicated and delicate process. In order to pursue your rights as a parent and adopt a child legally, strict child custody modification procedures must be followed. Gordon N. Shayne is a highly proficient adoption attorney in Colorado Springs who provides skillful guidance and advice throughout every step of the adoption process to help you achieve your adoption goals.

The Path to Step-Parent Adoption in Colorado

To initiate the legal process of step-parent adoption, it must be determined if the natural biological parent objects to the proposed adoption. If the natural parent does object, this requires specific proceedings and motions to be filed by the step-parent. In this situation, the step-parent must establish verifiable evidence and statutory grounds for adoption.

Unless consent is given by the child’s natural parent in the form of a written, verified (sworn under oath) consent under factual circumstances for a step parent to adopt, the case will usually require a hearing before a judge. Court cases usually include circumstances where the child has been abandoned for one year or more or the natural parent has “failed without cause” to provide reasonable financial support for the child for a period of one year or more.

Because the facts surrounding step parent adoption cases are often contested, it is important to hire an experienced family law attorney to represent your best interests and the best interests of the child you want to adopt. As a committed adoption attorney in Colorado Springs, Mr. Shayne effectively communicates your goals in court and draws upon extensive resources to fight for your case:

33 Years of Legal Experience:

Gordon N. Shayne draws upon three decades of hard-earned experience when he takes on your case. He has helped numerous families in Colorado resolve step-parent adoptions with success.

Colorado’s Best Interests Statute:

Gordon N. Shayne is a family law attorney. This means that he has handled hundreds of child custody cases that directly hinge on CRS Section 12-19-124 or the “best interests statute.” With a robust knowledge of this area of the law, he can provide the kind of legal advice that is distinct to any step-parent adoption scenario.

Presenting the Best Case:

Currently, parental evaluations are discretionary in any custody cases in the state of Colorado. However, Gordon N. Shayne can ensure that your case for parenthood is bolstered with hard evidence of your parenting character and skills. Mr. Shayne maintains a network of professionals who provide reputable and dependable evaluations that may strengthen your case in court.

Child Support and Step Parent Adoption

When a Final Decree of Adoption is signed by a judge, the parent who has lost his/her rights is considered a stranger to the child in question. The petitioner (step-parent) is then considered their child “for all intents and purposes.” However, when a parent loses their parental rights, they also lose all obligations and responsibilities related to the child. This means that child support and other benefits cannot be demanded after a Final Decree of Adoption is signed.

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