Grandparents Rights in Colorado Springs, CO

Grandparents rights are indeed very difficult cases for the courts to decide because of the narrowly construed cases that limit what kinds of parenting rights non-parents can have. While grandparents in Colorado do not automatically have visitation or legal custody rights when their child divorces or separates from their spouse, grandparents can seek to have legal custody or visitation rights in some circumstances.

If you are seeking legal custody or visitation rights as a grandparent, it is crucial to consult a skillful attorney. Gordon N. Shayne is an proficient family law attorney who can help you protect your grandparents rights. Mr. Shayne has over 33 years of hard earned legal experience and provides the aggressive representation you need to pursue your case for:

Grandparents Rights in Colorado Springs, CO

Grandparent’s Visitation Rights

Limited factual circumstances determine when a grandparent can file for grandparent parental rights or legal visitation rights. In Colorado, if a grandparent can demonstrate that visitation is in the best interest of the child, grandparents visitation rights may be granted. This is why representation from an experienced family law attorney is imperative. Gordon N. Shayne can help build a case that visitation with you is in the best interest of the child and protect the existing relationship you have with your grandchild.

Obtaining Child Custody as a Grandparent

While many grandparents seek visitation rights, there are some instances where grandparents may seek custody rights. Grandparents have legal grounds to pursue custody of their grandchildren in the following circumstances:

  • When the child is removed from the parent’s home by authorities.
  • When the grandparent has the child in their physical care for an extensive period of time.
  • When the grandparent has had physical care for the child for at least 180 consecutive days.
  • When evidence can establish that both parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol or have a history of abandoning the children or other critical factors.

If your grandchild is in a potentially abusive, dangerous, neglectful or otherwise unsafe environment, it is important to take immediate legal action. A skillful custody attorney, Gordon N. Shayne can help you navigate the complicated legal system to pursue sole custody of your grandchild.

Grandparent Child Custody Visitation Rights

Although the court does not automatically grant grandparents’ rights or dictate that a child must visit with grandparents during their time with each parent, there are instances where grandparents can be granted parental rights or child custody and/or visitation rights. The rights of any grandparent to seek court orders establishing grandparent time with their grandchildren is a very technical and complicated area of the law that may very well hinge on the specific facts of any given case. Gordon N. Shayne has extensive knowledge of grandparent rights laws in Colorado and can help you pursue your case.

Protect Your Grandparents Legal Rights to Custody and Visitation

Having dedicated many years to helping families with their divorce, child custody and child support disputes in the Colorado Springs area, Gordon N. Shayne provides skillful representation you need to pursue your grandparents visitation rights and custody disputes. He will be your tireless advocate throughout the process to ensure your legal rights are secured. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation* with Mr. Shayne and learn more about grandparents legal rights.


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