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If parents cannot reconcile their differences and must divorce, Colorado Revised Statute Section 14-10-124 states that it is in the best interest of each child to maintain contact and a relationship with both parents. In most cases, the best interests of the child can be mutually agreed upon by the cooperation of the parents. However, if the case needs to be settled in court, your parenting plan may be determined by someone who may not know anything about your relationship with your child and may not have time to give your case the attention it deserves.

Secure your rights as a parent and protect the interests of your children with a skillful child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs. With 34 years of legal knowledge and expertise, Attorney Gordon Shayne builds a strong case for your child custody rights so you can create a satisfying parenting plan during or after your divorce.


Why You Need an Attorney to Protect Your Parental Rights

Child custody & supportIf your child custody case goes to court, the best interests of the child will need to be established in evidence. There are numerous ways a parent can establish evidence of a positive relationship with their child. If parents cannot reach a resolution, they may file a motion requesting a parenting expert which the judge appoints. These evaluations are performed by a Child and Family Investigator (CFI), but are not required by the court. Gordon N. Shayne, a child custody attorney in Colorado Springs, can help you determine if your child custody case would benefit from a court approved parenting evaluation. In most instances, these evaluations are most utilized in custody situations where:

There is evidence of domestic abuse, including financial control and other forms of control
A parent endangers the child’s physical health
A parent impairs the child’s emotional development

While CFI and PRE (Parental Responsibilities Evaluator) evaluations can also confirm positive parenting, they are currently discretionary in the state of Colorado. This is why it is extremely important to have a proficient attorney who has the resources and professional experience to effectively communicate the significance of your relationship with your child in court. Gordon N. Shayne is committed to protecting your parenting rights. He maintains a network of dependable CFI and PRE professionals to ensure that your case is effectively evaluated by a truly neutral observer.

Colorado Child Custody Agreements

In Colorado, child custody agreements are known as “Parenting Plans.” The agreement will determine who will have legal custody of the child, where the child will primarily live, what type of parenting rights each person will have and how much time each parent will be able to spend with the child. Although the agreement may be modified in the future, a child custody agreement will be legal and binding for the foreseeable future. If a parent fails to follow court orders involving parenting, such as holiday parenting time or regular visits, a judge retains jurisdiction to enforce these parenting orders. This may mean that when a parent has willfully failed to return a child as required by a parenting order, the offending parent may be required by the judge to pay for the other parent’s attorney’s fees, or, depending on the circumstances, lose their custody rights.

Gordon N. Shayne has been helping families through difficult divorce & child custody disputes for 34 years. An accomplished child custody lawyer, he commits himself to utilizing his extensive experience to help you work towards an agreement that is in the best interest of you and your child.

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