Why is a lawyer needed in an uncontested divorce?

uncontested divorce

An uncontested divorce means that parties have resolved their disputes. In Colorado, in order to resolve your disputes regarding property that is the division of assets, the division of debts, and the determination of spousal support, and child support the law in Colorado says that the parties have to reduce those agreements to writing.
The written agreement is called a separation agreement. Before anyone can walk into court and say that they have an agreement they have to have this agreement in writing, and it must occur after not before the parties have exchanged their financial documents and financial disclosures. It’s essential that lawyers who are trained in this area who have specific expertise and know what to look for can give clients the proper advice before they sign any documents in an uncontested case.

That way client’s can be assured that they’re making the right decision, they’ve gotten proper legal advice, and they know that they made wise decisions. In most cases you do not get to redo your divorce if you didn’t have an outcome that you didn’t like.
So, and uncontested divorce means the parties through a lot of hard work and a good determination of what the law says, have reached an agreement that resolves all of their disputes. Sometimes that even means parenting disputes.

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