Why An Experienced Attorney Matters

I want to discuss with you some of the questions that have come up regarding the hiring of an attorney in a divorce or family law case, such as a child custody case. The differences between hiring an attorney who has a lot of experience, and hiring an attorney who doesn’t have a great deal of experience. Maybe an attorney that’s come from a different area of the law, or someone who’s left a law firm, who has been practicing an area that’s unrelated to family law. Family law is a very specialized area, there are a lot of special qualities to family law that a lawyer needs to be aware of to properly advise a client. If you don’t have that wealth of experience, then you’re not going to be able to adequately represent a client.

Experienced lawyers who practice in this area are dedicated. I take a lot of seminars, attend a lot of classes all year long, read a lot of material, books and articles, and that’s all meant to stay on top of the latest trends. To stay on top of the latest case law that applies to family law cases. I think there’s an old saying that, “You get what you pay for.” When you are considering hiring an attorney, keep in mind that the cost maybe more, but what you’re getting is a dedicated, experienced professional who’s going to do their best to fight for you in the most aggressive manner possible.

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