What is the benefit to choosing an experienced lawyer?

Image result for site:shaynelaw.comThe more experience that the lawyer has the greater benefit will be obtained by a client. I can only tell you that in years of practicing law which is now an excess of 34 years. I’ve seen a lot of bad lawyering, I’ve seen a lot of lawyers who have not seen the inside of the courtroom and who do not understand what is at stake. To be an effective lawyer in family law means that you have to understand the entirety of Colorado’s divorce law which interacts with all the other laws that we have.

Personable injury law has an impact in divorce law, did one of the party’s receive a settlement sometime in the past, still receiving a settlement. How was that going to affect the divorce? Is there an impact to a spouse becoming disabled for applying for Social Security Disability Income? That has an impact, experience counts when it comes to divorce. The experience lawyers can give clients the benefit of their knowledge because they have been in certain situations in which they can predict outcomes for clients and they can also guide clients in the right direction.

Experience lawyers will be able to tell you how a judge is going to deal with a specific piece of evidence under some situations and that’s helpful to the client. Experience attorneys who are familiar with the rules of evidence, how these hearings are conducted and what’s at stake, really are the greatest asset to a client. In most of these situations you’re going to find out that you don’t give a do over or as they say in golf a mulligan where you get to take the ball up and hit again.

Once your case becomes final that’s most likely going to be it for your case and an experience lawyer should be somebody who you trust and you want to work with, who has the reputation and respect in the legal community to help you throughout the entire process from beginning to the end and beyond. Are you filing for divorce? Do you need help understanding the law and preparing for filing? Contact a Colorado Springs divorce attorney today. Call 719-442-6649 to Schedule Your Immediate Free Consultation!

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