What is different about divorces in the military?

Military Marital ManouversWhat is different about divorces in the military? Primarily, what you have to keep in mind is that the military does not have a system of resolving divorces as part of the military laws. As a result, those kinds of cases where there’s military families that is either 1 or both of the parties are in the military active duty, reserved duty, retired military, they have to go through the civilian court. The difference is in a military case is that the attorney should be extremely experienced with knowing the specific nuances of how military life will affect a divorce decree.

A perfect example of that is where you have a marriage that has overlapped a considerable amount of military service and 1 of the parties is intending 1 day to retire from the active duty. It requires a civilian court to enter an order dividing that military retirement when the time comes. You may be 5 or 6 years into a marriage that’s overlapping military service where the military service member is planning on serving a 20-year career and you’re divorced 6 years into a military career.

The court in Colorado has the power to reserve jurisdiction until that military service member retires to divide the military retirement. There are numerous legal issues with military families that include visitation, TRICARE, military benefits to present and past spouses, when do spouses receive a full military TRICARE coverage, how long do they have to stay married in order to receive those kind of benefits. Of course, changes that occur all the time with military life will all be a part of what the civilian court has to deal with in granting those kinds of divorces.

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