What Is a Civil Union?

In Colorado civil unions have the same procedure as the civil divorce statutes. That means that same sex couples who have children or who do not have children are going to be treated the same way as heterosexual couples going through a divorce.

They’re going to be given the same rights and the same responsibilities as any other couple in custody actions or divorce actions. So when there’s been a civil union or a marriage involving same sex couples and a year or two years go by or into the future those couples wish to get divorced in Colorado they’re going to be given the same rights and responsibilities under the law to terminate or end their marriage as any other parties would be.

It’s always important to consult with an attorney when you’re going through this process who’s familiar with the civil union laws and how those may have different kinds of aspects to them than other cases but they are going to be treated by the court in a fair way just as every other type of family law matter.

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