Re-Unification Or Re-Integration in Family Law

Let’s discuss for a few minutes Re-unification, or Re-Integration. Main that topic comes up when we’re talking about children, and children that have been alienated form one parent or the other, or where a parent has been away for a prolonged period of time. What the role is of experts and therapists in those
types of situations.

I had a case many years ago where children were small, they were under eight years old, and the dad took a job with a defense contractor in Korea, and he hadn’t seen the kids for an extended period of time. Then the parties went through a divorce, and he still didn’t see the children because he was overseas working. When he attempted to get back into the children’s lives, it was a very difficult process. The children really didn’t know their Father, except for Christmas Cards, and Birthday Cards, and occasional Skype that he would do with the children.

We arranged for Dad, who took a job here in Colorado Springs, to go to a therapist with the children, and to work on their relationship, to see if the relationship could develop, and they could proceed into the future with a good relationship, and because we had an excellent therapist in the case, we were able to do that. Dad and the children were Re-integrated into one another’s lives, and that was a very successful example of what Re-integration Therapy is all about.

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