Pro Se Litigants: The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Attorney

The hiring of a qualified  attorney in a Domestic Relations, Divorce, Child Custody or other Family Law case, will be  the most important decision you will make. The argument is often made that by the hiring of an attorney, when the other side does not have a lawyer, is only going to cause more fighting and more disputes or result in having to go to court, is simply a “false argument.” Extremely well qualified and experienced family law attorneys usually work hard to “promote the amicable out of court settlements of Domestic Relations and Family Law cases,” while assuring clients that they will be represented and given the kind of legal advice that they deserve.

The recent filings in the state of Colorado show that over 70% of the litigants are Pro Se. The trend is going to go up because most people who seek legal representation, report that lawyers are too expensive.

This means that there must be a clear understanding and explanation of what it means to have a lawyer represent a person in a family law matter.

What the seminar on Friday detailed was that Pro Se litigants would rather not hire a lawyer because of the belief that “the hiring of a lawyer will only make the case and the parties’ disputes, worse. They believe that when you hire a lawyer, you are virtually guaranteed that your case is going to be contested and it will have to go to trial. By the hiring of an attorney, you have just ramped up the disputes and created a fight.

Pro Se litigants are using the site: to file their case. This site is a “universal” site, and does not have the particular laws of any one jurisdiction or state, and Pro Se litigants believe that when you use this site, you can avoid all of the costs and legal expenses of getting your divorce or custody case finalized, all without a lawyer of any kind.

There are no regulations in the state of Co. that prohibit the use of a non-lawyer to mediate a divorce or other family law case. How can we “market” to the people who are facing a mediator who is not a lawyer, and no one on their side to protect their interests.

Selecting or  having a non-lawyer mediate, with very little, if any experience in the Family Law arena, is one of the biggest and potentially costliest mistakes you could ever make!”

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