Preparing For An Attorney Consultation

We offer free consults in this office to potential clients who are looking to hire an attorney. Obviously, we can’t give free advice to everyone, but for people that wish to come in and me with us and get an idea of what is expected and what kind of a case they’re dealing with, whether it’s a divorce, a legal separation, a post-decree modification of orders, or a parental responsibilities case, I believe that it’s important to have some preparation before you meet and have a discussion with an attorney that you’re interviewing.

As an example, if you’re meeting with an attorney to discuss a divorce, you should have a pretty good idea of what the financial issues are in your case and be prepared. You should take a look at the tax returns. You should take a look at the investments and the retirement accounts. You should have an idea of what you house is valued at. What the mortgage payoff would be. Are the cars paid off or are there loans? What about insurance questions. Is there going to be health insurance? These are the kinds of things that you can look at before you have a meeting with the attorney so that you can have an intelligent discussion and get your questions answered during your consultation.

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