Military Divorce Law and Retirement Benefits in Colorado Springs, CO

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Retirement and military divorce

Because military benefits depends on the branch of military, the duration of service, and the attained rank before retiring, it is important to seek the help of an proficient divorce attorney that can assess your case and determine benefits eligibility after a military divorce. For over 33 years, Gordon N. Shayne has provided effective and exceptional legal counsel to clients seeking to protect their best interests during difficult times. Mr. Shayne gives his undivided attention to every military divorce case in order to provide the best possible legal advice and has an extensive knowledge of the complexities of military divorce in Colorado.

Military Divorce Law: Why You Need a Lawyer

In Colorado, military benefits are most commonly determined after a service member has reached eligibility to retire. The division of any military retirement, in a Colorado divorce or legal separation, will follow the rules and case law of Colorado, not the military. If the service member obtaining a divorce has not reached eligibility yet, military divorce law states that an order will be included to reserve jurisdiction on the issue until the service member retires. If the service member has reached retirement age, the division of benefits will occur immediately. Individuals in the military with over 20 years of active duty service may be entitled to certain benefits after retirement. However, if the service member is divorced or is seeking divorce, benefits may need to be legally divided between departing spouses. These benefits may include:

  • Retirement pay
  • VA benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Health care

Division of military retirement benefits are determined using the time rule coverture formula. This formula takes into account the number of months the couple was married as well as how long the couple was married while the service member was on active duty. Gordon N. Shayne is an extremely qualified attorney who can calculate of the time rule coverture formula to ensure that the division of benefits in your divorce serves your best interests.

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Gordon N. Shayne is a skillful military divorce attorney with over 33 years of hard-earned legal experience. He can help you navigate the civilian legal process to protect your military retirement benefits after a divorce. Contact him today for a free* consultation.


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