Introduction to The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne

Hi. My name is Gordon Shayne. I’m an attorney, and practice family law in the State of Colorado, in Colorado Springs. I represent clients all across the Front Range, from Denver to Trinidad, and my specialty is in family law. And family law involves divorce cases, legal separations, and mainly we discuss a lot of child custody types of situations to assist our clients through the domestic relations area of Colorado law.

In order to practice law in the State of Colorado, you must be licensed by the state. I’ve been practicing for 35 years as an attorney, and during that time I have specialized in litigation. Litigation is an area of the law which involves attorneys representing clients in cases that have been filed before various courts.

So as an example, here in Colorado Springs, the El Paso County District Court would control family law cases. And they would be divided up essentially in two different categories. Those categories would be involving the domestic relations dockets, or the juvenile dockets. Juvenile dockets would be ones … one of the examples would be cases involving paternity cases or dependency and neglect. And the domestic relations docket would be those cases that involve divorces, legal separations, and post-decree modification motions of all different kinds.

So I want to talk about a variety of subjects that will help you in understanding and maneuvering through family law in the State of Colorado. And keep in mind that while we’re talking about this, it’s always important for you to be well-informed about the legal process, to have a lawyer explaining the legal process to you at every turn, and to get the kind of help that you deserve for you and your family.

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