How to Hire the Best Family Law Attorney

I’d like to talk about the importance of hiring a family law attorney in your divorce or child custody case, or post-decree motion that you have in family court in the state of Colorado.

Unlike criminal law where an attorney can be appointed by the court to represent you, in family law there is no such law or requirement. This means that it’ll be your responsibility to find your own lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is one of the most important decisions that you’re going to make in whatever family law matter you have.

When you’re sitting across from the lawyer during your interview, you should ask important questions about the lawyer’s experience. Is he a member of any specialized sections of the bar, such as the American Bar Association Family Law Section or the Colorado Bar Family Law Section? Does he regularly attend and go to seminars and is updated on the law?

Overall, you should be confident this lawyer has a lot of courtroom experience, knows how to deal with evidence, and most importantly, when he files your case and he is representing you. You should have a feeling that the lawyer has your back, that this lawyer, who is specially trained and is going to be an advocate for you, is going to give you the kind of legal advice that is going to assist you through your case and achieve the goals that you have established.

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