Family Law Employment Assessment

In many cases, where parents or parties are going through a divorce, there’s been a history of one party being the primary bread winner or the one that has worked the majority of the time during the course of the marriage while the other parent hasn’t. And that’s typical where we see a stay at home mom who has dedicated her life to supporting the family and to providing the children with their needs. And that mom may have not pursued a career or a employment choice. And now you’re in a situation where there’s a divorce and at the end of the divorce, both parties are going to be expected to pay for their own living expenses. Not withstanding the fact that there maybe some issues regarding spousal support. Or you can have a situation where one of the spouses has been disabled and has been unable to work.

So in a lot of those cases, we get an employment assessment or develop a plan or goals for education for the parent that needs it. So that we can create a system, a support system and goals in the divorce case for how that parent can achieve financial independence once the divorce is concluded. Income is always an important factor in any of these cases. And the law specifically defines what income is. So it’s important to talk to a lawyer about what the law says regarding income when you’re involved in any of these kinds of family law cases.

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