Effects of Combat on Military Divorces

Service Member & Military Spouse Divorce Help

war and divorce

Military personnel are often put stressful situations during training and during deployment. Sometimes, these job stressors can have a huge impact on your marriage that may lead to divorce. Gordon N. Shayne is a skillful divorce attorney that is sensitive to the unique demands of military life. He provides exceptional legal counsel that is committed to protecting your rights during your military divorce.

The Effect of Combat on a Family

Service members in all branches of the military are required to undergo high levels of stress on a daily basis when preparing for battle. After experiencing the stress of combat, service members may endure any number of emotional or behavioral problems, including:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Alcohol and/or drug abuse
  • Depression
  • Other trauma-related mental illness

The stress of these trauma-related behavioral struggles significantly impacts divorce rates in military families. However, because behavioral health concerns can have a significant impact on child custody hearings and spousal maintenance negotiations, it is crucial to have a lawyer to protect your rights throughout military divorce proceedings. Gordon N. Shayne knows what is at stake in your divorce. He is knowledgeable about the specific procedures and rights military service members have regarding custody and other post-decree matters. With personal care and attention, he aggressively protects your best interests and helps your family reach a satisfactory resolution.

Initiating Divorce as a Military Spouse

Divorce can be initiated by husbands and wives of military service members even if their partner is deployed. However, there are specific procedures that apply to a military spouse. Divorce attorney Gordon N. Shayne provides expert military legal assistance & family law help when you need to file for divorce from your spouse who is in the military.

Legal Assistance & Family Law Help for Military Families

When you choose Gordon N. Shayne as your military divorce lawyer, he provides the guidance and advice that comes from over 33 years of legal experience. Mr. Shayne understands how the court may divide assets, child custody, benefits and award spousal maintenance or child support with respect to military households. For proficient legal assistance with military divorce in Colorado Springs, CO, contact Gordon N. Shayne today.


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