COVID-19 Update

While we are facing this Pandemic, the continued health and safety of our clients, employees and members of this community, remain our number one priority. The Law Offices of Gordon N. Shayne has taken several proactive steps and measures to adhere to the state of Colorado shelter in place orders, as well as our adhering to the Centers on Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. We may have locked our office doors, but you can be assured that business operations shall remain open 24/7 should you wish to contact us via email or telephone. 

You should know that many cases involving Family Law, Divorce and Child Custody cases can be resolved without having to attend court hearings and rely on judges to issue orders. In many such cases, Mediations are necessary and become a major tool to resolve disputes in an amicable fashion. The vast majority of Mediators are conducting Mediations either by phone conferences or through the video conferencing App, Zoom. This has been an effective method by which parties can engage in meaningful discussions with the assistance of a Mediator to settle their cases. When parties have serious discussions during Mediations, an experienced Mediator coupled with the presence of your legal counsel can guide you in the direction of totally resolving your Family Law case.

Since Colorado courthouses are closed, except for very few cases that involve emergencies or limited criminal matters, there will be expected delays in Family Law hearings. I have been involved in appearing on behalf of clients for hearings by telephone hearings. I have also appeared for court hearings through web streaming on Webex, which allows both parties, their lawyers, witnesses and the judge to appear by video conferencing. This has proved to be an effective way for Courts to continue to hold hearings or make rulings as needed. 

As you can see, the legal system is evolving in its efforts to assure that all parties involved in Family Law cases are given the attention that they so richly deserve. We remain committed to you, our clients, to make sure that during this very difficult time your interests are being protected!