Can Divorces Happen During Military Deployment?

Can I get a divorce during my military deployment? The answer to that question is under certain circumstances, you sure can. We’ve represented hundreds and hundreds of military members on active duty who are deployed to different locations all over the world. The first thing that needs to be established is a line of communication with those clients, usually by email. As long as clients can maintain an established communication with us, then we can keep clients advised regarding their process and their case, and have a good communication going as to what needs to be done to conclude a case. In order to finalize a divorce, when a military member is on a deployment, the kind of case that is involved in the family court is going to determine whether the court will allow the case to become final when a military member cannot be present. Many times, when I’m representing somebody in the military, I will file a motion with the court to ask that a military service member be permitted to appear by telephone for a court hearing, and that’s another way that even though you’re on deployment, your divorce case can be finalized.

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How Deployment Affects Divorce and Custody

Many military marriages have to face the idea and reality of deployment. This event can cause a disruption in marital happiness, straining the couple to the point of seeking divorce or legal separation. When children are involved, the emotional stress can be even worse. Read more

Preparing Your Children

Military Deployment and Parenting

Due to extensive conflicts and peace-keeping efforts in a number of countries, nearly two million service members are currently deployed or are returning from deployment.  When military members deploy, their adult spouses are left with more responsibility and less support, which can put more stress on the marriage/relationship.  Adult spouses are not the only family members who experience increased stress in the event of deployment. Read more


Military Deployment and Marriage

The wedding day is a celebration of love and the starting point of a shared life together.  Once the wedding is over, the marriage begins, and married life entails a lot of practical details and decisions.  Couples should discuss how they will handle many of the decisions and situations they will face—if and when they want to start a family, where they want to live and work, how they will manage the household budget, etc. Read more

Deployment and Divorce

There exists clear evidence that repeated deployments have had and continue to have profound impacts on military families. This is illustrated by the steady increase in the divorce rate in every branch of the service affected by deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq. Read more

Easing the communication problems with Gordon Shayne

Marital Affairs and Military Deployments

After the Presidential Election of 2012 ended with the re-election of the president, the American public’s attention was drawn to the shocking resignation of CIA Director, David Petreaus. FBI investigators had uncovered the details of an illicit relationship between Director Petreaus and the author of the former general’s biography. Read more