Calculating Maintenance

The new spousal maintenance law, known as House Bill 13-1058 came into effect on January 1st of last year. Several groups hailed it as a groundbreaking legislation for deciding alimony in the State of Colorado. But, given that it’s a law grounded in math and dependent on different real life scenarios, most people find it difficult to understand.

Guiding Guidelines

Fortunately, we’re here to explain the intricacies of this new calculator to the best of our ability, so you can assess your financial standing before initiating any divorce, annulment, or legal separation procedure. The biggest selling point of this law is that it reduces the amount of time parties will consume in haggling over settlements.
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Article: What is a Common Law Marriage

In the state of Colorado, there are certain relationships in which the parties are considered “married” even though they did not obtain a marriage certificate or have a marriage ceremony.

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