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Does Common Law Marriage Affect Spousal Maintenance?

In many divorce cases, an ex-spouse will receive spousal support for a duration of time. This financial obligation can be re-assessed for a variety of reasons, including financial hardship of the supporter and any evidence that contradicts the need for financial assistance.

A common law marriage can most certainly terminate the need for spousal assistance. But, your divorce attorney will need to prove that the relationship in question is in fact a common law marriage.
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Law and Marijuana

Spousal Maintenance and Marijuana Law Changes

The Legal Forecast for 2014

In 2014, two major developments will take place in Colorado. First (and most famously), Colorado will legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Second, the State will enact new guidelines pertaining spousal maintenance. Both laws have major consequences for family legal matters, especially divorce. Continue reading “Spousal Maintenance and Marijuana Law Changes” »

New Colorado Spousal Maintenance/Alimony Law for 2014

There are some significant changes coming to Colorado’s Family Laws in 2014. The biggest news will be the implementation of CRS Section 14-10-114, entitled, “Spousal Maintenance-guidelines”

The statute will allow a judge to make a determination, whether a party in a dissolution of marriage, legal separation or declaration of invalidity of marriage proceeding, has to pay Spousal Maintenance, based upon a formula. Continue reading “New Colorado Spousal Maintenance/Alimony Law for 2014” »


Understanding Spousal Maintenance

Financial stability is a major concern of many people going through divorce. Shared life and finances may have allowed one spouse to stay at home to raise children, making the prospect of becoming financially self-sufficient very daunting. Circumstances may actually make some individuals unable to work and financially support themselves. Continue reading “Understanding Spousal Maintenance” »


Alimony in 2012 and Beyond

Alimony comes from the Latin word, alimonia meaning sustenance and means, therefore, “the sustenance or support of the wife by her divorced husband and stems from the common law right of the wife to support by her husband.” Allowances which husband, by court order, pays wife for maintenance while they are separated or after they are divorced, is a common way for a court to order a husband to pay alimony to his wife. Continue reading “Alimony in 2012 and Beyond” »