A Paralegal’s Role In Family Law

I have found that one of the most important facets of being able to offer clients legal representation in their particular family law case involves our paralegals, and the role that our paralegals have in supporting our clients and assisting our clients through a minefield of all kinds of hurdles and obstacles that are part of their case. A good paralegal is a person who is going to maintain the day-to-day contact with the client for a variety of reasons, and to assist the client in understanding how the legal process works, what they can expect, and assisting the lawyer in making sure that the lawyer has what the lawyer needs when the lawyer goes to mediation or is in court.

Paralegals in this office are available by email. We even have a 24/7 phone number to contact us. Paralegals can answer simple questions, and that will save the client money, because paralegals bill out at a different hourly rate than attorneys do. And paralegals can go over financial records, financial statements, clients’ timelines of events, and they can be instrumental in the success of your case. We rely on paralegals who, in this office, have a great deal of experience, and can offer you as the client the kind of connection to this law firm that you need.

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