Should I Hire an Attorney When In The Middle Of The Legal Process?

If you are considering the issue of should I hire an attorney or not hire an attorney and what kind of an attorney should I hire, I think you, as a client, should have a very good feeling about the lawyer and the lawyer’s law. Shanye Law can help you at any stage of the legal process. We’re here to help you, contact us today.

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Abduction Attorney in Colorado

What happens when a parent takes children out of Colorado with the intent not to return them to Colorado? I’m not talking about vacations or plans to see grandma over Christmas vacation. I’m talking about a parent who is sharing custody with the other parent and puts the kids in the back of the car in the middle of the night or takes them to the airport and they fly out of town, and essentially mother has abducted the children from the other parent. In those kinds of situations, one of the things that the court is going to look for is whether or not there is an active case that’s been filed in the court.

In a case where parents have never been married, but they share parental responsibilities of children and they’ve never had any court orders entered, a case can be filed called an allocation of parental responsibilities. That protects the parents from having one or the other abduct or take the children out of Colorado without a lawful court order. This is very important to parents who fear that the other party may pick up in the middle of the night and take the children to see family, like their parents who live in another state, without the permission of the other parent. Colorado’s law requires that before a child or children can be removed from the State of Colorado that they do so by either obtaining a court order or a signed written consent authorization from the other parent to relocate the children from Colorado.

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Court Appearances To Expect During Your Case

Often times clients want to know what kind of court appearances they are going to have to make in their case. Let me give you a couple of examples. If you’re a client that does not live here in Colorado, but your divorce case was here in Colorado and your ex-wife and the children still live here in Colorado, and let’s say you’ve moved to the East Coast of the United States, and you’re now living in Boston. You want to file a motion to be able to spend more time with your children, because during the initial divorce case, you only got very minimal parenting time and you want to change that. Well, if you have a lawyer here in Colorado and you file your motion here in El Paso County,or many of the other counties here in Colorado, the court will allow you to file through your lawyer a motion to appear by telephone, so that for whatever court appearances you have, you can make your presence known by appearing for whatever critical hearings there are by phone.

There’s also going to be other types of situations that come up in any family law case, where if you have a lawyer, a lawyer may be able to stand in for you at things like a status conference or pretrial conference before the judge, and your appearance can be waived. At the initial status conference, parties that have lawyers can agree to stipulate to timelines and avoid costly court hearings, so this is another advantage of hiring the correct or right attorney to assist you in those kinds of cases.

Colorado Step Parent Adoption Process

imagesA very common type of adoption process in Colorado is called a Step Parent Adoption. A Step Parent Adoption occurs when usually one of the parents, after a divorce or a type of custody case, has now remarried. You can have the primary parent, such as Mom, who is now remarried, and her new spouse has taken a significant role in raising the children, and wants to adopt the children as his own.

Let me discuss a little bit about how a step parent adoption works. There are two phases to a step parent adoption. The first phase is called a Termination of Parental Rights, and in that scenario what the court has to determine is whether or not the biological parent has done something, or not done something, that would result in that parent losing all parental responsibilities. If you have a parent who was ordered to pay child support, or was requested by a court and orders to be financially responsible for children, and that parent has abandoned the children, and not provided the children with support. A step parent can come in a provide that support. The court may grant a request for a step parent adoption, and terminate the biological parent’s parental rights, thereby making the children the responsibility of that step parent.

It’s a very rewarding process for a court to see that children are going to be taken care of by a step parent.

Does Colorado Have a No-Fault Divorce Policy?

Is Colorado a no-fault divorce state? The answer to that question is yes. This simply means that a court in Colorado does not consider grounds or elements of misconduct in determining whether a decree of dissolution of marriage should be entered. A no-fault state means that in Colorado, we typically see cases where it is simply alleged, for whatever reason, that one or both of the parties have decided that they want a divorce because the marriage is irretrievably broken. If the marriage is irretrievably broken, then the parties will either submit to that in an agreement form, or they will tell the court that they do not wish to remain married for whatever reason. It’s always good to consult with an attorney any time you’re going through a divorce action because there are long-range implications by whatever rights you are giving up or whatever documents you have signed regarding your divorce case. You always want to get representation beforehand. Seeking the advice from someone who’s qualified, who’s done family law for a very long time, is important to you.

What is the Annulment Process in Colorado?

How does annulment work in Colorado? In Colorado, an annulment is called an invalidity of marriage and it requires a petition be filed with the court, and it requires the court to hold a hearing to determine whether or not the marriage is going to be declared invalid. I can give you a couple of examples of typical cases involving an invalidity of marriage.

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What are the Fees at the Law Offices of Gordon N. Shayne?

How do charges and fees work when you hire me as your lawyer, or the Law Offices of Gordon Shayne? We take a lot of pride in the fact that we sit down with clients who come in and hire us, and go over a very extensive fee agreement that is a written contract between the client and me. That fee agreement explains all of the fees, that is expenses that will be charged to a client in the client’s representation, as well as professional services.

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